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Closing Date: May 18th 2017

Maximum file size of 1500 kb.

If you submit JPG files larger than 1500 kb you will receive an error message and your images will be rejected.

Maximum dimensions are 1920 pixels on horizontal side and 1080 pixels on vertical side.

Please note: If you submit an oversize image, you will receive an error message. Please double check your image dimensions.

If you need to change or add to an entry already processed you must resubmit the entire entry form with all images, not just the changes or additions. If you submit multiple entries, only the last entry will be retained. Earlier entries will be discarded.

If there are errors or questions, click to email the contest director.

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Entries Must Be Made Using Western/Latin Alphabet Only

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•  Please be patient . . . uploading process, file renaming, etc. may take two or three minutes depending on the size of your files, speed of your internet connection, etc.

•  When your submission has been completed, a confirming email will be sent to your email address. The email will include thumbnails of each image you submitted.